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Augsburg Germany

View over Augsburg
View over Augsburg

Augsburg is located about 50 miles northwest of Munich, in Bavaria Germany. It is one of the oldest German cities and part of the so called Romantic Road of Germany. 

In fact, Augsburg was founded more than 2000 years ago by the Roman emperor Augustus.

During the middle ages, the city of Augsburg Germany turned into an important centre of trade.

Many merchants, bankers and artisans relocated to Augsburg, helping the city gaining wealth and prosperity in former times.

The historical Old Town still reminds of this golden era with sensationell Renaissance and Baroque facades.

What to see in Augsburg Germany

In terms of sightseeing, Augsburg has a lot to offer. The best place to start your tour is the Town Hall. Inside, the Golden Hall awaits you, an impressive monument of Renaissance.

From the Town Hall, you can easily reach every sight by foot. For instance the birthplace of Berthold Brecht – one of Germany’s most important playwrights – the Dom Maria Cathedral or one of the oldest preserved settlements of mankind called Fuggerei.

A walk through Maximilianstreet is also recommended. The richest families of Bavaria lived here during the middle ages and left their marks. Alongside the street you can see fabulous buildings from Renaissance and Baroque.

Because of its convenient location, Augsburg can be visited on a day trip from Munich. Another option is to stay in Augsburg during Oktoberfest because the hotel prices are cheaper than Munich and chances might be better to get a good deal.

When you travel along the Romantic Road, Augsburg will also be on your list.

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