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Wuerzburg Germany

Wuerzburg Germany Residence
Wuerzburg Germany Residence

The famous Wurzburg Residence, delicious wines, good food and superb architecture: These are just a few reasons why you should visit Wurzburg Germany on your vacation.

The baroque town of Wurzburg is located in the northern part of Bavaria and offers a wide range of cultural highlights like churches, historical buildings and a beautiful landscape right next to the Main River. In this beautiful area you can go for a riverside walk nearly everywhere. Wurzburg is also part of the famous Romantic Road Germany.

During World War II, Wurzburg Germany suffered real badly. Being untouched most of the wartime, the drama began when World War II was almost over. During March 1945, most of the town of Wurzburg was destroyed during a heavy airstrike conducted by the British forces. The bombings killed thousands of people.

As Wurzburg had no significant industry, the people thought their city would be spared from bombings. So, there were only few air raid shelters available. Overall, over 80 percent of Wurzburg Germany has been destroyed in only one night of bombings. On account of this, it is quite remarkable the town of Wurzburg was reconstructed so quickly.

Because of a large US military base located near the downtown of Wurzburg, you will see many Americans here anytime through the year. You will also see many students from the famous Wurzburg University, especially when you plan to go to the bars at night.

Wuerzburg Germany Residence

The Wurzburg Residence is a must see when you travel to Wurzburg Germany. This building is a masterpiece of German baroque and one of the most famous European castles. Since 1981 the Wurzburg Residence is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

One highlight at the Residence is the fantastic Mirror Hall, the Imperior Hall and the remarkable staircase. But also the Residence Court Gardens and the Residence Square are well worth seeing.

Wuerzburg Marienberg Fortress

Another eyecatcher is the Marienberg Fortress watching over the town from the other side of the Main river. The oldest preserved parts of the fortress are from the eighth century. However, the fortress we see today is the result of a rebuild in 1201 on order of the prince-bishops.

Many brave men tried to conquer the Wurzburg fortress during its lasting history and failed bitterly. A few monuments right at the fortress remember those battles. Only once the fortress had to surrender when the Swedish army was successful during the Thirty Years’ War.

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